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We love our students here in the Midwest Rocky Mountain Region, and we are passionate about equipping them with the knowledge and skills to to take the Gospel message to their world.  Throughout the year we hold Student centered events in order to encourage and equip them to be a follower of Christ.  This includes Summer Youth Camps, State Youth Rallies, and Local Church events.  Below is information on how to get in contact with our Regional Youth Director and the State Youth directors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

YOUTH CAMP 2019!!!!

We are excited to host another Regional Senior youth camp. THe dates are July 7th-12th, 2019 @ The Crossing in Lexington, Nebraska. The cost remains at $200. This year is going to be big and you will not want to miss it. We have some new things to introduce you to and are looking forward to a great time with all of you FANTASTIC students. Click below to download an application for campers and staff. Make sure to fill out a medication form. You can email the application to or mail them to the address on the application. We will have the online version up soon. Thanks and see you July 7th, 2019

Camper Application          Staff Application          Medication Form

Regional Youth Director

Ben & Tiffany Winford

Iowa Youth Director

Victor & Yessica Torres

Colorado Youth Director

Ismael & Sally Ruiz

Minnesota Youth Director

Angel Daley and Jonathan Luna

Nebraska Youth Director

Stuart & Delmy Lam

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Connecting Women

Our Ladies Ministry exists to connect you to God and an amazing community of diverse women.  More than ever, we need one another.  The bible is clear that we need to spend time together, even more so as we see the day approaching.  Our Ladies Ministry is designed to encourage, equip, and release women of God to what He has called them to do.  TO be light in this dark world, to love passionately, and go to the world with the message of Jesus and his love for His people.  Throughout the year we host "Ladies Day" in our different states and a regional Ladies Retreat.  Both events are powerful enviroments for the Holy Spirit to move and breathe on his creation.  Book mark our website to stay up with events happening near you.

Be Courageous


Our Men's Ministry is an instrument of God for reaching men and building them into a community of Christian disciples who, through the Holy Spirit, allow the attitude of Christ to be reflected in all areas of their lives.  It is at the heart of man to be adventurous, to rescue the beauty, and to provide for those he loves.  This provision includes a spiritual element.  As men God has called us to take a stand, to bridge the gap, and to lead the way for our families to follow.  We are to go before them clearing a path to Godliness.  It is the hope of this ministry to equip men with the skills and knowledge to lead their families in the way of the Lord.  It is our hope to reach out and win others to Jesus Christ, to disciple men to Christian maturity and service, to come together to worship the living God and glorify Him, and to build strong families and homes, and therefore a strong church.  Once a year the men from our region come together to worship and pray together.  Check back to get the dates for our next Men's Conference.


Raise up a Child...

Children are a gift from the Lord.  Our region strives to invest in our children.  After all they are the future pastors, eveangelists, worship leaders, and church members of our region.  Throughout the year we do our best to equip Children's Pastors with effective ways to communicate the gospel to our kids around the region.  These trainings include webinars, onsite intensives, and local church mentorship.  Every year we hold an annual Jr. camp throughout our region.  This one week is packed full of fun, worship, and prayer.  Paul told Timothy to not let anyone despise him becasue he was young.  We feel the same way.  We purposefully equip our children with skills to minster to their peers at school, on the playground, and anywhere they might travel.  We believe in our children and as a region do our best to train them in the ways of the Lord.